Permission to use copyrighted material is required if your proposed use does not qualify as fair use or another exemption in the copyright law.

Penalties for copyright infringement may potentially be very costly for the individual and the University. An award of up to $150,000 for each act of willful infringement may be levied. When in doubt regarding the use of materials, seek copyright permission.

Printed and online items often contain copyright notices that provide information regarding materials use and permissions. These notices may indicate special rights for educational use, provide general guidelines, or present information on how to contact the owner to obtain permission. If a web page does not contain a copyright notice, send an e-mail using an appropriate mail link on the site and ask for permission to use the item. If the material is not online and no Web site can be found to expedite the permission process, it will be necessary to send the copyright owner (or if that is not known, the publisher) a letter to request permission to use the material.

For assistance in seeking permissions from copyright holders, please submit a permissions request and contact the Intellectual Property Rights Specialist.

Church Permission

In the past, the Church has granted permission for the BYU-Idaho to copy Church publications for non-profit classroom and instructional purposes.  With the wealth of new media and content available from the website, we encourage users to provide links to the content rather than make copies. When in doubt, link to the resource instead of embedding it or uploading it. We remind users to abide by the terms of use on the LDS Media website.

We encourage faculty to include the teachings of our modern prophets in your classrooms but wish to emphasize these guidelines when using these teachings:

  • If possible, provide a link to the content rather than copying and reposting it.
  • Articles, talks, short stories, poems, music, essays, etc. should be copied in their entirety.
  • Attribution should be given to all authors and creators.
  • The Church copyright notice should appear on any copies.
  • Do not upload Church content into school databases. These works are already saved in Church databases and do not need to be in both locations.

Remember permission to use this content for educational purposes does not include permission to create anthologies or compilations of General Authority writings.  For such scholarly endeavors, you must contact the Intellectual Property Office.

Materials from the Church need prior approval before distribution for promotional, non-academic, public facing messages. This includes, but is not limited to, music, photos of temples and general authorities, quotes, and resources from the LDS Media library, etc.. The Media Library is for personal, non-commercial uses so please understand that public facing messages from BYU-Idaho are beyond the terms of use outlined for these materials. Therefore it is necessary that we coordinate these efforts so that we do not misrepresent the Church.

All requests for pieces to be used for non-academic campus purposes must be sent through the BYUI Content/Intellectual Property Rights Specialist, to get approval from the Church.

For outside of campus uses, request permissions from the LDS Church for its copyrighted material or trademarks, please follow this link: Request Permission

You may also view the Rights and Use Information as posted on the Church's website.

For further assistance or information regarding Church copyrighted materials, you may contact the Church's Intellectual Property Office at:

Phone: 1-801-240-3959 or 1-800-453-3860, ext. 2-3959

Fax: 1-801-240-1187